Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Harini Airways

I have a very interesting relationship with Uber drivers. I mean, I have met some of the most interesting characters when I Uber. I love talking to people and figuring out what is happening, so it is probably why I experience what I do. I learn so much, so I am not complaining and of course, the attention is lovely, that goes without saying.

My friends take great pleasure in making fun of me for the driver who proposed, the one who tried to get me married to his friend and even the one who spoke to me about moving to India. Today, I met another interesting driver. The conversation started off about the weather and then, he got talking to me about God. 

He spoke about being a vegetarian before this when he found out I was one too and then said, "You should have powers" 

I was a little taken aback. "What powers?"
"Can you see things? Imagine things?" 
I was like, "Yeah. I can write things". 

Then he said, "See you have powers because you have not harmed animals from a very young age. You can do anything. You can even fly. My dad can fly."

I didnt know how to react. I didnt want to laugh, because this was his version of reality and who am I to judge him for it? Also, honestly, I liked the idea of flying. I mean, I can go anywhere, see anything. Who wouldnt want that?

He continued, not waiting for my reaction. "My dad once flew our car above the road and prevented an accident." So, a life changing experience for him and he thanks his dad for it. I can see that totally. 

Anyway, he told me he was honored to meet me when he dropped me off and went his way. It was a great way to start my day. A few months ago, I would have mocked him for being ridiculous. But recently, I have come to accept that people need their delusions/a different version of reality to sustain themselves. Life is as easy as it is hard and I am in a way thankful that they let me into their reality. 

I am now thinking of Harini Airways. Visualizing myself flying around, saving the world. At least my world, from myself. 

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