Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Lady in blue

You hold your saree tight,
Bluish green with shades of white..
Rather, it used to be a white..
Now, it is that nameless color, that white becomes
After countless washes..

I sit inside an insulated vehicle,
A book and music to keep me company.
Still, I keep looking at you,
The accidental glimpse, not enough..

Who are you? How do you entertain yourself?
You stand holding that bag tightly..
Perhaps it contains something priceless..
Maybe, it's all your possessions
Or maybe, it's a delivery you ought to make..

You don't let your saree or your hair fly in the wind..
Everything is in control
There's still, a restlessness about you.
You bend your head, unwilling to look the world in the eye.
Or perhaps you already do, in your own way!

You look at me then, possibly aware of my scrutiny..
I see no smile, I see no defiance, no emotion!

We're both alone, in our own cocoons,
The differences, i feel just skin deep
I chide myself.. not the right thing to say..
Privilege has a strange way of thinking it's not.
This I hope is camaraderie and not callousness.

Our paths might never cross again,
But they don't really have to,
For our battles are as similar as they are extraordinarily different.

Good luck, lady in blue, farewell!

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