Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lets meet

Lets meet then
Not in the place thats here and now,
But in the world, caught between the worlds..

The place, a transient world, hidden yet clear,
between the one filled with dreams
and the one that I wake up to everyday.

Wise men claim, that one is but the other,
But know I do, the distinction.. far too well.

At least for me
At least as of this instant
If time were absent, perhaps they would merge
Or perhaps not..

I see it very clearly - the image so pretty
What i could be!
Maybe but a faraway fantasy..
What could have been,
Perhaps would never be

The optimist in me persists,
not knowing that a one legged woman,
can win not a short sprint.
Perhaps a marathon, for the disabled

Lets meet then
Maybe someday
Maybe here
Maybe nowhere
A nowhere,equally real and magical

You will be me
and I was you.

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