Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Never ending marathon

I run from post to pole,
Not stopping, even for a second..
"A whirl wind","So determined",
"Such ambition","So ruthless",
The words just fall off me,
Like raindrops falling from a leaf,
on an expensive raincoat.
Affecting, but not really impactful..
I've other demons lurking,
Demons that arose from Angels..

I run, I run and run
Learning to breathe,
Focused on everything else
The world is a blur,
My pain is inevitable..

A writer said, that suffering is optional..
I try to not suffer, but just numb the pain
I run
I run
I run

Pause I have to, to catch my breath..
That's when you creep in, always!
Slowly, pecking away at my defences,
Always so confident as you strut into my thoughts.

The love that never will be,
The phone that will never ring,
The calls that will go unpicked,
The email, that will never be read,
The days, that will never be..

Regret I cannot, suppress I really cannot..
Control perhaps I can,
Build a box around you,
Those precious moments that won't repeat
Put it under a lock, throw away the key,
Knowing fully well, the lock is but a mirage..

My elusive love, the intensity never does fade
The tears, never really disappear..
They just hide, for you hate histrionics.

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