Monday, February 06, 2017


Today, I went running with my best friend. We have known each other for a little over 13 years now and I would not be wrong in stating that he has helped me stay sane through the crazy times I have had to experience in life. I have been talking about running, but have never actually really run, except for this 5k I did in October (again with him and my other friend). So I finally got around to running today. Just like that because I was tired of sitting and moping. Because I had jumped out of the sky and I wanted to take the leap of faith, also metaphorically, have faith in myself and my ability to move forward.

I still did not run much, just walked and ran alternately, but I have finally started. Another item in the list of things I should have done and finally did.

Running is painful. You have to keep moving. I cannot do that. I like to talk than move. It is much easier that way. Still, thanks to not wanting to spoil his run, I actually did the 4.5 miles. It ached in places I did not even know I had. I was initially trying to run like him. Then, I realized, I could not do that, because frankly, he has more experience running than I do. So I tried running like me and I did this tiny elevation at my pace. It was at the end of our run though. 

That, was truly a great feeling. I dont know if I am going to continue doing this. If this should be in my 12 week year. The list of things I will set as goals for myself outside of work. Perhaps, be able to run 5km in 45 min. It is not a great earth shattering goal, but I am starting with that. I will now figure out a way to break it into parts and actually implement it. 

Putting it down in a public forum, helps me because usually I try not to shame myself once I have said that I will do something. I do some version of it, or I come up with a really nice explanation that I can live with as to why I did not do it. :) 

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