Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Short term memory loss

I was watching Finding Dory yesterday. It is a brilliant movie and I am glad I finally had a chance to watch it. Since I think everything in the world is about me, I could identify with Dory. How she kept forgetting and still survived, doing things her way.

I get a lot of flak, for changing my mind, doing things without thinking because I had a feeling about it and for just being me. The scene where Marlin confronts Dory is a scene that has played quite often in our life. 

Since I am a work in progress I know that things about me are going to change. But if you ask me to change my impulsive nature, I am probably going to refuse. It has helped me in more ways than one. It has given me more joy than sorrow. And the sorrow is because I wonder if I should regret something's absence. 

So, like Dory, I am going to embrace my short term memory loss. I mean, I have a brilliant memory, I can recount details about things I want to remember. But being impulsive also means that there have to be things I forget, else I would probably not be impulsive again. :) So, I have short term memory loss. I have forgotten things I don't want to remember. If that is going to  be my blessing and my curse, then so be it. I am just making peace. I am not trying to justify it or defend it. :)

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