Saturday, February 25, 2017

The girl in red

There she stands, beautifully dressed..

In the fancy red dress,

the shoulders hidden under an overcoat..

Who does she cover it from?

Eyes always watch a woman who is alone..

Questioning her right to exist, by herself.

Her succulent pink lips and kohl outlined eyes stand out!

She fights not for attention,

Secretly wanting and despising it..

It does seek her out,

Unwilling to be fooled, by her shield of solitude.

She waits, patiently

A strained smile, painted on her face

Her eyes constantly checking, the chosen device of torture..

A watched phone, never does ring,

the sought message, never will arrive.

Know I do that look,

Know I do that emotion.

Longing, expectation

All just a bubble of hot air

My lesson after years..

A very pretty balloon, as short lived as the words..

Words, sweet nothings, whispered

Secretly into a ear dying to listen to it..

Actions that will never be, that never where..

Meanings made, where none to be found

Connections made, of random, meaningless confessions..

Lines drawn between non existent dots..

Why do we seek it so?

This companionship, that is but a mirage?

This emotion, that just slows us down?

We are all prisoners, one way or the other,

Of a future that will never be

and a past that was mostly imagined..

The present that beckons, lays unnoticed

We just run backwards, looking at what was,

ignoring what is,

never understanding, what can be..

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