Friday, February 03, 2017

To the unpicked nail polish

This is an ode
An ode written on a starry Thursday night
As I watch the stars play hide and seek..
With the dark clouds. 

You see the clouds, I see the stars
And we play our games
Hiding to seek,
Seeking to hide..

In those silent seconds as the clouds waft,
You watch my nails
A whimsical look, in your face
Handsome, in the light and the dark..

The clouds are back, but I look at the stars
Then imagine the coat of polish,
The color you would have picked.
The color I'll wear for you to admire
Probably, never

The clouds distract me
And I pen down this ode
To the polish you never gave me..
To the unpicked nail polish,
Perhaps, hidden in the corner of a grocery store
Maybe, sitting in the light, of a beauty aisle
Frivolous, yet poignant
Equally so

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