Monday, February 06, 2017

When I was thrown out of a plane

I realized I could fly. I could not breathe for a few seconds. I am afraid of heights. I am very nauseous and dizzy. The first thing we did when we jumped out, we did a somersault. A beautiful maneuver to watch but think of it like someone trying to flip you inside out. I trusted a complete stranger to bring me back to land and he did!

The clouds were beautiful. It is different when you watch it from inside an airplane and when you watch it without a window. Intimately going through the clouds, you feel the cold, you feel the air and you feel alive. Ten minutes of intensely being alive. I watched the landscape. I felt jealous of the birds. What a view, every single day. Will it become boring if they see it everyday? Or will they overcome fear if they do it everyday? Could birds be scared of heights? How do my instructors do it everyday? Could I actually do that myself? Become an instructor? Everything seems tiny. The birds eye view is scary because it reminds me of how much is there and how much is not. The details have a way of disappearing when you are overwhelmed by them. Everything looks quite beautiful because you know you are not going to probably experience it again. 

My constant feeling was one of not being able to breathe because of my altitude sickness. But I was so busy enjoying the view, that I overcame my fear. Didn't even realize I was scared. We did random shapes in the sky. I fell in love with my instructor. :) 

I had watched people jump and wanted to do it. Like, it was my dream for the last six months. Not the one I kept thinking or talking about. But the one that was in my head. The problem with things in your head, if you do not execute on them, you become all talk and you lose trust in yourself. Your ability to do the things that matter to you. Jumping out of an aeroplane started with a simple I do. With a simple google search. I have to take that very first step. As simple as it might seem or as difficult as it might be. 

Jumping out of the sky, reminded me, I know not how to quit and I will go and start doing things instead of only talking about them. 


Sun Ray said...

:) that's cool. half way through the post & I realized this is not one of your poems & real jump.

Was it in India? & You landed with a parachute?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Come on, I try to have shorter lines in my poems. 😀 This was a tandem jump in the bay area. You're strapped to someone else when you jump. I'll post some pictures of others I shot. That should give you an idea.