Monday, March 06, 2017

An innocent stroll

I attempt a stroll down memory lane,
A forced one, for the present is far more interesting
Than the past ever should be..

Countless images rush around my head
The runner in me, tries to break free,
Seeking actively for an outlet
A minor distraction to obsess over..

I pause and let the thoughts in,
The faces merge and I see it all-
The hope, the joy, the fantasy,
Never expecting the sorrow.
The sorrow is but another mirage
Just like the hope
Effervescent, transient and insane!

Why is it that in hindsight,
I see not the broken glass,
But the colorful rainbow -
The same one, I imagined then?
The images are prettier
The world is clearer
Nostalgia is a dangerous friend..

Now is not less than the then
Nor will it be replaced by the when..

I pull myself out and plug myself in
To the music of Dire straits..
I try to dance like no one is watching!
Nobody is anyway and I attempt to make peace

What never can be, will never be
And what has to be, will anyway be

No matter how out of tune my singing is
And how deaf the world is, to the beats, only my legs can hear.

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