Sunday, March 12, 2017

Being my own knight

When I was a kid, I always believed that there would be a knight in shining armor, who would storm in and solve my problems. I believed it from the bottom of my heart. 

It seemed to be such a nice thing. A magical solution to every single thing you can think of. 
I'm almost thirty now and I have finally come to accept, there are no knights any more. For one thing, thanks to global warming, the suits of armor are going to be quite uncomfortable to wear and for another, unless one was a lunatic, he wasn't going to go around wearing one. So, the logical conclusion is, the idea is outdated.
The second thing is even more simple. Life is either a series of problems or opportunities, depending on how you want to see it. So, even if a raging lunatic was running around being cruel to an unfortunate horse, by sitting on top of it wearing that ridiculous suit of armor, I'm just going to have one problem after another for him, that everything is going to be only about the problem. Definitely not worth it. 

I can see the stars in the eyes of the younger me. No matter how silly it might have been, i like it when dreams come true. I believe in magic, hope and what not. There has to be a knight. I didn't have to think much or look for long to find one. 

I have come to accept and appreciate, that I'm my own knight. I always come to my rescue. I love myself though I've not embraced narcism fully yet and I'm there with myself, every single day of my life. 

To honor this commitment, I got myself a diamond ring today. I look at it and I feel so happy. I can see a few people rise an eyebrow at the thought of me buying and donning jewelry, but then, this is the new me. I'm my own knight. Cheers to that. I take another sip of my wine and look at the Bangalore skyline as I type this. Cheers to life!


Sun Ray said...

You must have read lot of stories in childhood to really believe the Knight story. It's almost like neo realizing that he's the One!! :)

Good on the diamond & welcome back.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Nooooo! I never read romance as a kid. Guess I was too romantic for my good

Sun Ray said...

Too romantic, huh.. :) there's beauty in romance.. makes you feel good. think it might be the science & evolution on the back end, but still!!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

A romantic has an idealized view of reality. Life is never ideal