Monday, March 13, 2017

Bye bye fb

I deactivated my Facebook account a few weeks ago (i think it has been more than 21 days now... or not) for the second time and to be honest, I don't miss it at all. I have a lot of friends in FB. I seldom add people, that was one vice i did have. I did not want to collect friends like how i collect books. (There have been exceptions. People I wanted to stay in touch with) But then, the different phases of my life don't have many people that overlap. Eg, nobody from school was in college, folks from college are all over, but maybe 2-3 were in the same companies as me, I shifted across domains and hence the friends from my companies are also quite different. There were a lot of people though. Quite a few as I am social and cannot keep quiet if i am with another person. FB asked me quite a few times - showing a random list of people - they will not be able to contact you, are you ok? My answer was a yes, one day.

Facebook is like a window. It is a window through which you peek into someone's life. Usually, like with windows, it is orchestrated in such a way that you only see the image they want you to see. Sometimes, you might be careless enough to reveal something ugly, but mostly it reminds me of the double sided curtains people are so fond of. Beautiful to a stranger you don't even know, that is jobless enough to look at your window from outside. You might have liked another pattern better, but you picked the double sided one as that was the image you wanted to portray.

What happens in the part you don't glimpse, the peek into the room beyond the window, you never get to know. How is that a good thing? You keep arranging the view from the window, forgetting to fix things that happen otherwise. Or you keep watching the view from the window, extrapolating and feeling bad at the dirty kitchen sink that is waiting for you to clean.

After they introduced personalization (I am sure an analyst like me is sitting somewhere and fixing new rules or perhaps it is a machine that does it) you end up seeing similar posts. Again, thanks to my diverse contact list, I get beauty tips, Trump rants, festival updates etc. etc. but I felt i never knew the entire picture. I hear only one side of the argument. All pro jallikattu, crazy dog lovers - opinions again, not facts.

I did not deactivate because of all these noble reasons. I deactivated because none of my really close friends, the ones i talk to for hours a day, connect with me through Fb. So, what is the point? I am better off learning french and Annamacharya kirtanas in that time. Yes, 5 mins a day can change your life.

I loved you fb. A lot more than you can ever know. Probably, I will login someday to get some contact or the other. But that probability is not very high. I am actually busy cleaning up the house right now to focus on a non existent window. 

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