Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Hate song

I am seemingly unconcerned

No, wait - Definitely, unconcerned!

The world is full of sugar, spice

And every damn thing nice.

Oh! Of what use is a demented lunatic?

A wildly delusional one, incapable of seeing beyond his vision?

An ass, with a nice one perhaps, but an ass still..

Coal black eyes, that can see not the obvious!

Razor sharp wit, that cannot comprehend a basic fact!

I want not your grand plans for conquest...

I remember not the details

Smitten I am not, depraved probably..

I dance not to Brahms,

I search not for my Krytonite,

I look not at a picture, of what was..

I march forward

I run along, throwing in a waltz and a skip,

Knowing you will hate the random mix.

Sappy poetry, you don't deserve

All the love in the world, you will not get..

Just get out of my head.

You need to vacate the throne you comfortably perch in..

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