Sunday, March 19, 2017


Today, I spent the afternoon in a beauty parlor. This is something very new for me. I've never really given much importance to visiting a beauty parlor for anything except cutting my hair. I got my usual boy cut today and also decided to indulge myself in an afternoon of pedicure and manicure. This is the second time in my life that I'm trying both (first was a couple of months ago). I loved it. 

I never could understand why people spent so much time in parlors( this took an hour and a half after my usual hair cut) but I got it today. The outlet to totally disconnect yourself from everything and just get to care for your own self. 

I was reminded of my grandma and her long baths. She used to oil herself leisurely and then spend quite sometime in the bathroom. Why did I ever think that time spent in taking care of myself is not important?

It's an investment towards the one asset that's always yours. Your body. I'm lucky enough to have the time to be able to indulge in it. Lots of people don't. Thank you God. 

I had a good time talking to Jyoti and Savithri, the ladies that took care of me. I spoke to them in my Rusty Telugu and average kannada, so perhaps they ended up speaking quite a bit to me. 

One has a husband that's not able to work as he's had an accident. Her mom in law watches over her children and she only sees them once a month as they live in tirupati. She told this to me matter of factly. (bad English)

She's glad to be able to work and support them. How do people surmount such odds and remain positive? She wore a beautiful hue of nail polish and had such a well made up face. A few minutes of conversations can help us break that preconceived notions we effortlessly make about people. 

The other is getting married next month. She is not going to be able to have her friends at the wedding as it happens on a Sunday and all of them work on Sundays. She's using the money they could have spent on a reception in buying a house for her children to grow up in. 

Behind the different faces we wear, we are all trying our own ways to arrive at the same happiness. I've been so privileged all my life. Even on the days I work the same 12 hours they do, my rewards are far more. Should I thank God or doubt his existence? I should thank him because he has taken care of me, been there for me. But I should also doubt his existence because life is unfair to so many. A second or even a nano second here or there in my entry to the universe, who knows where I'd have been, who I'd have been? Perhaps I'd have been the one adding the cupcake shaped cream to the hot water for someone else's pedicure. 

I'm so glad for this afternoon as it reminded me again how the world is just a point of view. I've been indulged by life. 

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