Saturday, March 11, 2017

Masks and lenses

I remember your mask today..
That beautiful and intricate one,
Full of a million nuances
The many I enjoyed finding,
The thousands more I knew were there,
Waiting to be found.

The same lovely mask,
That finally melted and disappeared-
In the unfortunately light of reality.

Easier it was, then and now
To blame you for all that was..
To curse you for not seeing, what could have been..
For every single thing, we lost.

The non existent delusion..
This instant, I wonder
And perhaps even accept..
You wore not a mask,
I sketched it on you,
In my alternate reality,
The one in which, unwittingly,
I wore colored lenses.

Your mask was forced on you, by me,
For just me to see.

Maybe this vision of mine,
Is as colored and biased as the last one-
Maybe, awareness is all that's needed
To make peace with the transience.

And acceptance is the only thing I can spare,
To love the transience,
For what it is.

I close my eyes and savor,
This instant where we're frozen
And accept my delusion.
I just have to open my eyes and move on.
Maybe.. Somewhere else, I already have.
Hope is a good thing.

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