Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oli padaitha kanninai

I was doing my usual Youtube surfing today. It started with listening to Annamacharya Kirtanais (I love MS. I don't think I enjoy listening to anyone else so much) and somewhere, I got to listen to Oli Padaitha Kanninai. I haven't listened to that song in ages, but I could sing along - such is the power of the words and the lyrical quality of the poem. 

I remembered my Bharathanatyam performance in school to this song ( I do not dance any more). Playing parts again and again the tape recorder, planning different versions of va, va, va (Which means come, come, come) and emoting to the lyrics. I did have fun then..

Listening to Bharathiyar's lyrics through the divine voice of MS really got me into this great mood. Words can take on a different flavor when it is set in tune and sung with emotion. Words from Mahakavi which are already so full of emotion, are no exception. 

I am now going to dig up and listen to a few more of my childhood favorites in this combination. Paarukulle nalla naadu. (I learnt this song for a music competition..)

Music is eternal. Someday, I wish someone will set tune to something i write and some one eons away will enjoy it, even if they did not know who wrote it. 

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