Thursday, March 02, 2017

Time machine

White with a touch of red
She stands by the window,
Watching and waiting..
The bird had flown eons ago,
Carrying her heart,
The longing, a beautiful reminder of love.
The longing, an essential part.
It mattered not that the king,
Had his heart and body distributed across..
It mattered not at all
Or so she thought,
Ignoring infidelity, accepting it and waiting..

The time machine zooms and I watch you now..
Curled up in your bed, wearing those tiny shorts,
Staring at a white screen with hope,
Awaiting a message..
The quintessential modern woman,
Independent, confident and still longing..

How similar you are!

They wait not for you,
They long not for you,
They just seek temporary refuge,
Passion forgotten once outside the bed,
Memories largely ignored!

My lovely ladies,
When will you wake up and accept,
Romance is but a fantasy
That will remain unfulfilled, forever!
That will exist in another realm,
Crafted of desire and longing
Never in the one, fully conscious.

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