Thursday, March 23, 2017

To believe or not to believe

My new area of interest is actually user profiling. Professionally with data and personally through personality tests. I have been making people I know take the MBTI test ( ever since I took mine (trying to remember why I did that again, think it was a training effect) and found out i was an ENTJ

Now, my question is, should I believe in them or not? Is it possible that there are only 16 personality types in the world? I find that a little difficult to fully accept. I mean, think about it like this. I can say that all of us are one. How we interact might be different, but fundamentally we all want the same things, just in different ways. So when I think about that, I am unable to accept that there is some sense in the types.

But when I read the personality type, I am able to relate to quite a few things. Not so much so in other types, especially the IS ones. So perhaps from experience, I am able to accept that yes, there is a difference. Probably this is an interesting measure, even if not the most fool proof one. ( For e.g, ENTJs are least likely to believe in a higher power, but I truly believe in God and in the connectedness of things)

Combine this experience with reading Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, I have to admit, I am understanding a lot of things and making peace with whatever has been let go or is being let go.. 

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