Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bahubali - Stunning

Bahubali 2 is a beautifully crafted, elegant work of art, for the most part with great writing serving as the backbone. It is one of those rare Indian movies, where the women effortlessly dominate the screen with who and what they are. Probably the main reason I loved the movie so much. Warning - I am assuming whoever is reading this has watched the  movie and I am trying really hard, not to reveal the story and just create a list.

To me, this movie was not so much about why Kattappa killed Bahubali, but more about how emotions and logic can sway us whichever way. 

Let me try listing the reasons I loved the movie and just a couple of things which could have been better: 

1. Devasena : Wow! What a brilliantly crafted character. Anushka commands the screen in all the scenes that she comes in. Whether it is as the warrior princess, the pregnant queen, the coy lover, the mother, the desolate prisoner - how does she even do it? Kudos to the director and the heroine for pulling this off.

2. Sivakami: You cannot watch this movie and not have an emotion about Sivakami. Whether you love her as the rajamatha or you get mad at her for being so blind to the follies of her son, you just cannot ignore her. From her Neelambari, Ramya Krishnan has been a woman I have admired tremendously and this is another effortless feather in her elaborately crafted cap.

3. The sets : Stunning, Stunning, Stunning. I know that such a pristine place cannot really exist. But you know what, the sets transport you somewhere far far away and you are spellbound throughout the movie. Whether it is the battle scene, or the simple hut, or the raja durbar, it is done with so much care and detail that it is obvious in every scene

4. The romance - Prabhas and Anushka set the screen on fire. I am listening to Hamsa Naava on a loop as i type this and I feel like I am flying, though I am sitting in my bed and typing away. They don't even have to be near each other for the magic to happen. Someone once told me it was about the quality of the romance and not the quantity. Am buying that after watching this movie. Such intensity, one has to be truly lucky to experience it and the director has beautifully understood that and captured it on the screen.

5. Direction & Sentiment - Both go hand in hand. Sentiment might not be the right word for it, but the way the movie expresses interactions and emotions, is a study by itself. The Mother in Law, Daughter in Law dynamic is brought in very subtly. Bahubali's interactions with his mom, Kattappa, his subjects, their interactions with each other, everything is captured artfully. 

6. Bahubali - Of course, Prabhas. I fell in love with Mahendra Bahubali, though his son had got me whistling in the previous movie. I think the father has my heart. Prabhas has brought out the difference between the two characters. While watching the movie, you cannot mistake one character for another and thats not easy to pull off when both are supposed to be kings and warriors.

7. Raana, Nasser & Satyaraj - their dynamics and their characterization. It is always the side characters who can make or break a movie and these giants do a fantabulous job with the roles they play

What I did not really like: 

1. The blood in the second half. Not my style, though a friend of mine told me unequivocally that such scenes are essential for a movie of this scale and this setting
2. The fight scene where they fly in from the sky through a palm tree - this is really too much. That part if different could have really made this movie almost flawless 
3. Making Sivakami so silly in places - I mean, why would someone usually just become so blind? Or can the fact that her son is interested in someone else completely change her? Possible. Though I wish it was not the case. (On another note, where is Ballaladeva's wife?)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

I own it

She wants the pillow and the baby elephant. Impossible animal!

The orange rose

His everyday ritual,
The watering can, the walk to the pipe,
and the gentle spray - on an accepting plant.

She was barren still, months later.
Alive but barren.

He persisted, never giving up,
Hoping for the orange rose,
that he had seen grow in bouquets,
Behind those huge walls.

Perhaps a penance for his stealth,
he had but cut the branch in secret,
Hoping he had paid his price in his blood,
to the mother, and her thorn.

Perhaps, she had bled more,
losing an arm, he had assumed,
that she will grow back.
Maybe, she never did.

He continued to tend, hoping
the streak of orange will brighten his patch.
The orange he saw between the dark rain clouds - 
The orange of hope.

He had promised the first rose to his God,
The one who was lying in eternal slumber, 
Always there for his devotees.

He awaited his turn,
For his God had loftier prayers & wishes to grant.

One morning, she came of age.
A tiny bud, peeking out, almost missed. 

Like a hawk he watched and when the time was right, 
he reverentially picked, his offering, her first birth.

It was beauty beyond compare,
Meant to be prized,
Meant to be remembered,
Destined to be adored.

His legs carried him down familiar but forgotten paths,
he submitted his first offering.
Noticing his blood only after he gave away - 
Wondering if her first, was also her last.
Dismissing the thought as it rose.

There she rested in glory,
With the rest, but standing out.
Little did he know then,
that rest she did, but for a few minutes.

Given away later, in the eternal cycle of distribution,
Flowers, fruits, coconuts - given by one, given to another.

Adored by the devotee,
who adorned her hair,
the orange, standing out against the grey.
A temporary abode, 
again, for a few minutes, 
Before reaching the same mud that bore her,
plucked and thrown away, by a cranky toddler,
whose antics, were still adored.
Definitely more, than what lasted just a day.

Perhaps the most cruel and common thing,
Forgotten and trampled beauty,
Lost before her time,
Even if the time, was already brief,
Even if borne with love and out of love.

Maybe, those minutes, were the lifetime.

God of Delusions

Stripped of the camouflage,
Lost, completely out of place, naked
the chameleon in me, attempts one last song,
Knowing sing I never can.
Perhaps at best, imitate music,
Like a deaf man, attempting a beat he never heard.

The storm clouds gather,
I know my count down of seconds has begun.

I have hidden all my life,
Under the different settings that offered me shelter.
Always seeking, imagining, building a thing of beauty.
Not knowing, it was never mine to build,
Never mine to seek,
Never mine to even imagine.

An impostor - not even a good one,
Was all I was.

Maybe, I was but a blind man, attempting, 
Not to describe an elephant, but to actually build it.
In my own terms, I thought,
Not knowing, that lofty ideal is something,
A latent God complex, something else.
God, of just my own delusions.

I lie down, accepting defeat,
the delusions of joy,
delusions of normalcy even wiped away
Not even numb,
Not worthless enough to be made an example of,
Just plain empty.

Forgotten, not even worth forgiveness,
for a moth cannot dent a bullet proof window.

Bitten by the hand of delusion I fed
Broken by the desire i harbored,
I just have the ideas that were
those that will never be.
I clutch them, feeding them my soul,
Whatever is left, as it slips away.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


I don't get my obsession with waves and sunsets. Today evening, the Arabian Sea welcomed me. I loved the waves and kept running into them. This was an unassuming beach right next to the vettucaud church. It was empty on a Saturday evening and I had an amazing evening in the lap of nature. The simple things are sometimes irreplaceable. 


I walk down the land of could have beens,
My eyes misty and misery, longing for company.

There it is, the dream that was
And over there, the dream that almost was..
Real for so many,
Taken for granted every single day!
While in my land of could haves,
The regrets pile up and I almost suffocate.

A dying woman, I grasp at the tiny light,
That streams into my consciousness.
Light from the land of all that is-
I crawl out, the angst, not ready to let go,
My legs wobble but I stand straight
And teleport,a clean, fast cut, the only option!

What hasn't been, could have been,
But what is, couldn't not have been.
It is right here,
To be a stepping stone or a roadblock,
The choice, always in the direction
I choose to look.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Simple pleasures

I've come to visit a friend in trivandrum this weekend and I saw this one walking peacefully in her garden. Time seems to stand still and the place is so peaceful.

We're planning to go to kanyakumari tomorrow though I don't know if it's advisable given the heat. I'm more than happy just sitting, working and watching the show put up by the birds just for me

Monday, April 17, 2017

A random evening

She walks in,
The well lit living room, 
A beautiful haven!
A sofa to sink in to, after a hard days work.

The rumble in her stomach,
Pushing her towards the designer kitchen..

She picks it without thought, the dinner menu,
The comforting taste of simplicity.
As the oil sizzles and the dal begins to boil,
She looks for the seasoning-
The sambhar powder,
Packed tight in an unopened box.
Tiny particles escape as the scissors liberate them,
And hop into the unsuspecting eye..

The tears begin to flow,
The minor irritants,
Triggering a memory..
Tears left unshed,
For the stock that once was,
The stock of a well used and chipped kitchen.

Smells that embraced her everyday,
Another time,
Another person
In the same body..
Buried and gone, definitely for good,
But the scratch on the scar,
A reminder of a life, a lifetime away-
And still, just out of grasp.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bird watching

I see quite a few of them everyday when I walk in the evening. I was able to capture them yesterday and try my novice editing skills to make the pictures look better. I'm so glad I'm able to walk around a small piece of paradise in the concrete jungle that's Bangalore. 

Deep in thought

This is what she does when I'm trying to eat. What is she even thinking about? Give me give me give me? I don't know. I wish I could. 

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Boxes in the fridge

The bell rings and he jumps up,
Hurrying to open, lest the guest disappear
He'd been waiting, the fifty minutes it took
From pan to plate.
Adjusting his hair, he pastes his favorite smile
Trying hard, not to grab the bag.
Deliverance, in the form of a delivery boy!

The portions are big,
Meant as they are, for the quintessential family unit..
He wonders as he serves himself, a small portion..
Would it be spoil in three days?
He repacks the box and shoves it in the freezer,
Eating the tiny bit in his best dinnerware,
Relishing the taste of devilled eggs,
Sipping a glass of cold water.

The undying flame of hope in his heart
Dreaming about the day,
The fridge wouldn't be needed,
For just a nano second.
The food, deserves more now.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Skiing down the slope

A thing of beauty,
So pure and seemingly incorruptible
Beauty in acceptance...

The blemishes, the dirt, oh so obvious!
Was it the purity that called out to me?
Or was it the transparency?
You saw what you got..
I see the pines that dot the landscape
And marvel at their resilience.

Then I realize,
It's the cold that calls out to me-
Barren, lifeless if not for the resilience
The beauty in the resilience not the purity
The purity but an illusion-
Not too different from the one of perfection..

I can kiss not, eat not this snow
Just admire it,
Like I admire this self imposed solitude!

I try to ski away,
Knowing fully well,
Like with life,
I'll know not when to let go
And when to hold on..

I just hope for a soft landing
Hoping, as always,
The experience will be worth the pain..
Or at least a song!

What if I never love again?

What if I never love again?
What if I never experience that emotion,
That turns me inside out when I look
Deep into those eyes,
Like I'm sucked into a furnace,
Willingly, for how else would I become
The shining diamond
And not this pitch dark piece of coal?

What if I never exchange those glances
On deserted highways, as we cross
The known and the unknown,
Destination not of immediate concern,
Just the journey giving delight?

What if I never have those quiet conversations,
Words and whispers that will envelop me,
In a cozy haze of comfort as I drift away,
Knowing reality is better than dreamt up fantasies?

What if I never have that half to know and rediscover,
Not just today, but forever?

A cat lady I'm not, I love my canines way too much,
I'll forever be lost in the non existent world of love,
Hoping to be found,
To be cared for,
To care for

But have I not time to mope,
I've to march forward now,
Looking at the million peaks and possibilities,
Carve my way in jet black, as only a piece of coal can..

What if I never love again?
Au moins, j'ai mes chiennes

Saturday, April 01, 2017

The stranger I know

I met my destiny,
A couple of days ago
Wearing a grin
And that strange look on its face..
'Didn't I run here, so far far away,
Just to get away from you?'
I asked
Double checking the path,
The uncharacteristic twists and turns I'd made,
The absolutely arbit choices,
The fear and validation that made me choose,
All that I ought not to have..

'It was you who chose,
It was you who carved
The very same path that needed to be,
Just to see me here today'
The omnious voice boomed
And I got to see,
The stranger I'd known,
The stranger I'd smiled at,
At every single turn,
The stranger, who was but me..
I found my destiny,
Trying to avoid it..
I found my destiny..
And I know I'll find it again..

Uber dreams

I guess everyone knows how much i love chatting up with Uber drivers, even if it gives me the most ridiculous experiences (proposals, match making.. anything you name it). Yesterday I met two awesome people who drive for Uber and Lyft. The traffic was bad so i had a great conversation with them. 

The first was a person, lets call her T, who used to be a freelance IT consultant. She had a spinal injury one fine day and after that had to spend a year in bed. Now she started driving Uber as she lost a lot of her customers and she has huge doctor bills to pay. She was telling me how the whole experience made her appreciate life a lot more and how she cannot complain any more as she is able to walk and everytime she takes a step she is happy. I had to admire her optimism. She is planning to go back to school (she must have been in her late 50s) and study psychology.

The second person, lets call him F, was a lawyer in Brazil. His dad is from the US, so he has come here to learn English. He was talking to me about relationships and how he finds it pointless that people just want to sleep around. He is going to open a restaurant some day. He was trying to improve his english while speaking with me and was telling me how the customer is his boss and he can change bosses quite often. He told me that I was very friendly and thanked me for the fun conversation.

Life is full of surprises. It is interesting that we have such really different types of people who make their living through technology. That is the power of tech and I bow down to it today, again.