Sunday, April 09, 2017

Boxes in the fridge

The bell rings and he jumps up,
Hurrying to open, lest the guest disappear
He'd been waiting, the fifty minutes it took
From pan to plate.
Adjusting his hair, he pastes his favorite smile
Trying hard, not to grab the bag.
Deliverance, in the form of a delivery boy!

The portions are big,
Meant as they are, for the quintessential family unit..
He wonders as he serves himself, a small portion..
Would it be spoil in three days?
He repacks the box and shoves it in the freezer,
Eating the tiny bit in his best dinnerware,
Relishing the taste of devilled eggs,
Sipping a glass of cold water.

The undying flame of hope in his heart
Dreaming about the day,
The fridge wouldn't be needed,
For just a nano second.
The food, deserves more now.

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