Monday, April 03, 2017

Skiing down the slope

A thing of beauty,
So pure and seemingly incorruptible
Beauty in acceptance...

The blemishes, the dirt, oh so obvious!
Was it the purity that called out to me?
Or was it the transparency?
You saw what you got..
I see the pines that dot the landscape
And marvel at their resilience.

Then I realize,
It's the cold that calls out to me-
Barren, lifeless if not for the resilience
The beauty in the resilience not the purity
The purity but an illusion-
Not too different from the one of perfection..

I can kiss not, eat not this snow
Just admire it,
Like I admire this self imposed solitude!

I try to ski away,
Knowing fully well,
Like with life,
I'll know not when to let go
And when to hold on..

I just hope for a soft landing
Hoping, as always,
The experience will be worth the pain..
Or at least a song!

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