Saturday, April 22, 2017


I walk down the land of could have beens,
My eyes misty and misery, longing for company.

There it is, the dream that was
And over there, the dream that almost was..
Real for so many,
Taken for granted every single day!
While in my land of could haves,
The regrets pile up and I almost suffocate.

A dying woman, I grasp at the tiny light,
That streams into my consciousness.
Light from the land of all that is-
I crawl out, the angst, not ready to let go,
My legs wobble but I stand straight
And teleport,a clean, fast cut, the only option!

What hasn't been, could have been,
But what is, couldn't not have been.
It is right here,
To be a stepping stone or a roadblock,
The choice, always in the direction
I choose to look.

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