Saturday, April 01, 2017

The stranger I know

I met my destiny,
A couple of days ago
Wearing a grin
And that strange look on its face..
'Didn't I run here, so far far away,
Just to get away from you?'
I asked
Double checking the path,
The uncharacteristic twists and turns I'd made,
The absolutely arbit choices,
The fear and validation that made me choose,
All that I ought not to have..

'It was you who chose,
It was you who carved
The very same path that needed to be,
Just to see me here today'
The omnious voice boomed
And I got to see,
The stranger I'd known,
The stranger I'd smiled at,
At every single turn,
The stranger, who was but me..
I found my destiny,
Trying to avoid it..
I found my destiny..
And I know I'll find it again..

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