Saturday, April 01, 2017

Uber dreams

I guess everyone knows how much i love chatting up with Uber drivers, even if it gives me the most ridiculous experiences (proposals, match making.. anything you name it). Yesterday I met two awesome people who drive for Uber and Lyft. The traffic was bad so i had a great conversation with them. 

The first was a person, lets call her T, who used to be a freelance IT consultant. She had a spinal injury one fine day and after that had to spend a year in bed. Now she started driving Uber as she lost a lot of her customers and she has huge doctor bills to pay. She was telling me how the whole experience made her appreciate life a lot more and how she cannot complain any more as she is able to walk and everytime she takes a step she is happy. I had to admire her optimism. She is planning to go back to school (she must have been in her late 50s) and study psychology.

The second person, lets call him F, was a lawyer in Brazil. His dad is from the US, so he has come here to learn English. He was talking to me about relationships and how he finds it pointless that people just want to sleep around. He is going to open a restaurant some day. He was trying to improve his english while speaking with me and was telling me how the customer is his boss and he can change bosses quite often. He told me that I was very friendly and thanked me for the fun conversation.

Life is full of surprises. It is interesting that we have such really different types of people who make their living through technology. That is the power of tech and I bow down to it today, again.


Sun Ray said...

True. Technology not just with the software part, but also the hardware or engineering / science side.

Couple of days back my mom was telling me how when she was in her teens she spent around 5 hours a day carrying water from well to their house, & rest of the day washing clothes, utensils, cooking, etc leaving almost no time for anything else. It's almost like, half of a day is spent on preparing for the other half. Then comes the magical technology of bore wells & now every house has its own water source.

The impact of technology on our lives is infinite.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

She still had to wash clothes right? Sorry just curious. I often feel technology has made life much easier for women in areas we never thought of. In places where they are not allowed to even go out, they can see the world through their computers. They're able to work in the it industry and move up the ladder.. maybe I'm biased as usual.