Monday, April 03, 2017

What if I never love again?

What if I never love again?
What if I never experience that emotion,
That turns me inside out when I look
Deep into those eyes,
Like I'm sucked into a furnace,
Willingly, for how else would I become
The shining diamond
And not this pitch dark piece of coal?

What if I never exchange those glances
On deserted highways, as we cross
The known and the unknown,
Destination not of immediate concern,
Just the journey giving delight?

What if I never have those quiet conversations,
Words and whispers that will envelop me,
In a cozy haze of comfort as I drift away,
Knowing reality is better than dreamt up fantasies?

What if I never have that half to know and rediscover,
Not just today, but forever?

A cat lady I'm not, I love my canines way too much,
I'll forever be lost in the non existent world of love,
Hoping to be found,
To be cared for,
To care for

But have I not time to mope,
I've to march forward now,
Looking at the million peaks and possibilities,
Carve my way in jet black, as only a piece of coal can..

What if I never love again?
Au moins, j'ai mes chiennes


Sun Ray said...

I like the 'cat lady & canines' part. :) Sometimes, i think as we get older, our behavior, manners, expectations of the right person gets set in rock.. throwing adjustability, flexibility to a toss.. being totally independent becomes very comfortable as against sharing life with someone with a mild discomfort (a) adjustment for mutual happiness. :) What do you think?

Human beings are strange, Harini.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Well, I think when it is the right person, the adjustment won't seem like a big deal. We learn to live with minor inconveniences everyday. But it's the major differences that cause a problem. It's not a function of flexibility. It's a function of mutual respect, care and lastly love