Sunday, May 07, 2017

Guardians of the galaxy 2 - A worthy sequel

This summer, it is raining sequels.At least, there were two, which I watched two weekends in a row. I have been waiting for this one ever since I bought a baby groot figurine, for my desk in Sausalito Bay in Jan. 

To cut a long story short, the movie does not disappoint. It has all the elements that worked in the first part - the catchy background score, Groot, the constant bickering, elaborate visuals and Gamora (come on, you know I like women who are gutsy).

The plot begins with the Guardians - Our Over Confident Peter Quill, Deadly Gamora, Funny Drax, Angry Rocket and Cute Groot guarding a battery from alien invaders. The first scene is easily the best in the movie with groot dancing to music, as the heros try to vanquish a scary monster. They get Nebula (remember Gamora's sister?) as a reward for their trouble from the Sovereign. After a cold (freezing rather) sibling reunion, the group set out to claim the bounty on Nebula. (told you, no love lost there) 

Rocket gets them into trouble as he steals the very thing they were supposed to guard and the team is on the run, followed by an efficient army from the sovereign as the high priestess is raving mad about their contempt. 

When all hope seems lost, they are saved, by none other than Peter's absent and mysterious dad. In the fight the aircraft is seriously damaged, crash lands in an unknown planet and needs serious repair. 

Rocket, Groot and Nebula are left with the damaged aircraft while the other three go to Ego's planet. Unfortunately, the ravagers arrive and pick up the stranded duo, while Peter, Gamora and Drax are cared for by Mantis in Ego's extraordinary planet. How the group gets back together and who Peter's father really is, forms the rest of the plot. 

The movie is funny. The scenes with Groot are amazing and hilarious. The emotional drama made me feel like I was watching an Indian movie. It is definitely melodramatic in places and given my liking for mushy scenes, I did enjoy it. 

Where the movie failed me was in the unnecessarily gory massacre in the Ravager's ship. Otherwise, it is definitely worth a watch, even if not the rewatch. 

The post credits scene with Groot was quite cute and I wonder how he is going to behave in the sequel if there is any. 

P.S. That is my prized possession. A chance purchase of all the guardians, sitting at home. :) 

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