Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mon canapé - mon amour

I have been listening to this song quite a few times today..

Inspired by this, i did write something..

I lie back, to rest my eyes
seeking a solace, i claim i don't need.

Its not the arms of a lover that hold me close,
but the comforting warmth of a sofa,
just vacated by a tired dog.

I seek your broad chest,
a futile attempt -
but a constant dream
Easier, replacing you with the straight back,
of a reliable, known cushion..

Sans complications, this simple piece of furniture -
that I fall back on, exhausted,
unable to  move - a limb.

Without fatigue, my faithful companion,
it is shadows that surround..
Shadows in which i seek you,
Shadows which play with me
Embrace me,
Their embrace, as solid
as the dreams I harbor.

Exhaustion - I prefer much more -
than restful dreams,
for hope, is not something I want to harbor..

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