Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Photos galore - an attempted beginning

I have been taking a lot of photographs in the last few months. Not seen the light of the day as i keep meaning to edit them and then i don't really get around to it. Maybe I am not going to become the queen of creative cloud, but i guess, some of the photographs deserve a place, atleast in my blog which is in a way, my gateway to the world. (Plus i am not able to write reviews for a few books i read and i don't want to kill this blog by inactivity)

Hence, I am going to go crazy posting pictures.

I had taken this picture during the fleet week in Oct'16. Seems so far away. But looking at it now, it brings back those awesome memories from then.. Love the colors. I had tried editing this using my then new MacBook.

There is my lovely golden gate bridge, the synchronous flight of those planes and two ships (or a ship and a boat rather) filled with people trying to get a better view of the festivities.

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