Sunday, May 07, 2017

Terry Again - The Color of Magic

I have a bad case of writer's block. I am not able to get started on my "Story of a lifetime". So I decided to start reading Terry Pratchett again. I did a marathon in 2012. It has been almost 5 years now and I want to see how I view the books through the lens of who I have become in those years.

DiscWorld is a strange and fascinating place. It is a world that is flat. It rests on the back of the great A'Tuin (a giant turtle!) who is swimming through space with four elephants that hold the world, on his back. Ankh Morpork is just one of the numerous places in the flat world, but a very active place, ruled by a Patrician. It is full of guilds and has its own Unseen university, full of wizards. The most inept of them being Rincewind.

Color of Magic is probably my least favorite in the DiscWorld series, but I started with it anyway, because well, you start from the first book.

The plot begins with a great fire in Ankh Morpork. Two figures run away from the fire, having involuntarily caused it. Two Flower - the Disc's first tourist and Rincewind - the almost wizard who is acting as his guide. These two very contrary characters are adorable in their own way. The plot follows their shenanigans as one who seeks adventure actively, is with one that tries to run away from them. The luggage is another added dimension to the plot. Two Flower's luggage is made of sapient pear wood (Did i get it right?) and follows him wherever he goes.

What happens when a man does not know the worth of what he carries and shows it away unwittingly in a city crazy for gold? What happens when the same innocent soul, pays for a day, with what can feed people for months? Mayhem!

That is what Ankh Morpork is subject when TwoFlower comes to town with his gold rhinus.

The crazy twosome run away from a burning city and enter a dragon land where dragons manifest from your mind and a talking dead king stays back as a ghost. They also enter the temple of the Soul Eater and meet him (almost),  go over the rim fall (The world is a disc remember?), attempt to become astronauts,  participate as God's play dice with the Universe, drive a slaver ship crazy and most importantly, stay alive through it all.

My personal favorites are Hrun and the game of dice and that is probably what i will remember about this book when I am old and tottering.

Whether it is his comments about "insewerance" or "reflected sound of underground spirits" or the crazy sword, or the beings in trees, Terry's humor shines throughout the book like a beacon. Ultimately, that is the reason I read this book and the reason DiscWorld will remain a fond favorite I would always curl up with no matter what.

You cannot map a sense of humor and I really wish I can write like him someday.

I am going to start Light Fantastic now and I am hoping, I enjoy it more than i did this one. 

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