Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Falling in love

I still remember, the first time I saw you..
The first time I saw you, for who you were,
Not for what you had been.

The first time I saw you, for who you could be
and who you really are..

I still remember!

There was no fanfare, no thunder
And the fireworks, 
Well, they were missing too.
But i knew, 
As of that instant, you were the ideal.

The unattainable, the unconscious
Definitely, the uninterested,
but still, the perfect ideal.

I am awake while I dream,
I am cocooned by beauty. 
Falling in love, with a world,
Made pretty, by mere observation. 

Even if, especially even if,
the object of attention rests in the limelight,
blissfully unaware, 
deep in the sleep of the insomniacs.

The dramatic part of me,
wants you to wake up,
swing your arms and ride up to me
on a white steed..

A million times already, you have
each time more perfect than the last.
Those day dreams, I am glad I had. 

Sometimes, well, quite often, 
I hear them loud and clear,
The whispers of the cynic - 
"Aware, uninterested"

The realist, shrugs,smiles and thanks her stars.
For this intense emotion.

Love, or perhaps, just the possibility it opens up.

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