Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Ice sculptures

What is it that i see?
There, right in the corner
Just about to disappear
A vision, almost one rather..

The image builds up in my head
layer upon layer upon layer..
What is it that I see?
I marvel at my imagination
The depth of it.
The level of detail and the perfection of it.

The more I give it shape,
the scarier it becomes.

How do I draw the line,
between what I see and what it is?
Could that,  that can be seen, ever really be,
what it was meant to be?

The creator, no longer able to control,
the creation.

The creator, realizing too late
that fears can dictate
and sculpt an impeccable three dimensional figure,
The nuances, incomprehensible in a 2D world.


Sun Ray said...

Haa.. the creator no longer able to control its creation.. love those lines.

Was thinking of how sometimes children don't listen to their parents or an organization that out grows a founder.. or relationships that become a mild pain..

How do you come up with these lines.. ?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Thank you! I experienced something that made me think about how sometimes we have a fear and after a point those thoughts are no longer in our control.