Monday, June 12, 2017

Set free

In an uncertain world,
You're my cocoon of certainty.
I close my eyes and call you forth
The hell that breaks lose in my head, disappears.

I seek not adventure
It seems to find me effortlessly.
I seek not order,
All these years, I've known nothing else.
I seek not calm,
For what is it, but a temporary pause
In life's turmoil that will always be the norm?

I seek that voice of reason,
Fearless, loving and firm,
The deep voice that can make me pause,
No matter how wild the build up within my head is.

I seek that voice, which every cell in my body,
Immediately responds to,
Like a truant dog, stopped in it's tracks,
By it's true Lord.

The Oasis of calm, my darling,
That's how I see you.
The calm beneath which,
I fantasize, strong emotions lay hidden.
The calm beneath which, is another layer of calm,
I hear you argue.

Perhaps, I'm saner thinking, you are just a mirage,
For you know not, what you mean to me.

Words, are effortlessly, meaningless
And you buy them not anyway.

You seek nothing,
While I know not what I seek.
You are the stringless kite,
In love with the skies,
Completely unaware of your leonine majesty.
Completely unaware of how you rule the skies.
Completely unaware of your commanding presence.

I was pulled by invisible strings,
The ones you've freed me from,
Cutting it all away
As you sweep the trajectory,
That's just yours.

I know not what this is.
I work every single day,
To run away
To hide and to pretend.
Lest you understand and disappear.

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