Thursday, July 20, 2017

An Ode to a Stale Upma

I remember that smile
The one that lit up your face,
A face half illuminated
Unfortunately, unforgettable.

I look for it in the recesses of my brain
and search as I might, I remember the smile,
I remember your joy,
But nothing else..

Like the taste of a year old delicacy,
Your thought haunts me today.

Delicious yet stale,
Nourishing yet poisonous
Complete yet sans closure.

The mists of time, I curse them
and I embrace them
Neither act of any use.

You disappear, but you never go away.
I do not forget, but neither can I ever forgive.
I can just mourn what was.
I can just savor, the stolen moments
before I catch up with myself
and pull me away from hopeless day dreams.

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