Saturday, July 15, 2017

The famous trip

I decided to spend my 30th birthday in Paris, the city of my dreams. I really loved the experience. I picked up the best photos from the trip today (ones i looked awesome in) and I am hoping to make a scrap book filled with those pics tomorrow.

One of the pictures that will definitely go in it - this image of Drama (I guess I can call it a sculpture) that is on the outer wall of the Palais Garnier (named for the architect who built it). I liked the one on poetry and dance as well, but drama is my favorite, for the emotions in the face of the lady and for the guide who explained it to me, so beautifully. Paris, mon amour!


Sun Ray said...

Belated bday wishes Harini. Wonderful year!

Like the way the lady stands tall & bold. Reminds me of the white coloured sculptures that Miss Elizabeth Bennet finds at the mansion of Darcy.

I wonder what's the difference between the sculptures that we find in India & European countries, in terms of artistic value or quality of sculpting?? Both of us have sculptures representing religions beliefs / characters, different time periods, different materials, themes..
You travel a lot.. any differences?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I love Indian sculptures too. But more often that not, it's about representing our Gods in different ways. I've also seen sculptures in the walls of temples that represent everyday life. Some quite humorous too. There is one of a monkey holding a ladies hand as she tries to look at herself in a mirror. This is in halebid I think. Perhaps I should write a book about Indian temple stories