Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Aadathu Asangathu

I have always been a fan of music that has beautiful lyrics. My fascination with Carnatic music as an adult (After skipping classes as a teen) was also because I fell in love with the devotion and the beauty of the lyrics. I usually read up the meaning of the lyrics when it is in a different language (usually telugu)

Today, I was practicing Aadathu Asangathu Vaa Kanna, listening to Sudha Raghunathan today. I could see the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. Especially the line below, which talks about the peacock, traditionally the vehicle of Murugan, the 12 handed God, starting to dance along.

Panniru (12) kai (handed) iraivan (god)
Erum mayil onru (a peacock he mounts) than pasum thogai (its green feathers) virithaadi (opens up and dances)
Parishalithidume (will reward you)

I was so glad I knew Tamil well when i listened to these lines. What a source of joy literature and music can be. A song written in the 1700s, I connected to it today. Thank you God, for this and more. 

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