Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Into the light

I am fascinated by sunsets and if I carry my phone on my evening walk, I always take a picture of the lake and the sun. Today, i saw this small fishing boat right in the light and I couldn't resist capturing it. The sun rays remind of the picture i used to draw as a kid to represent the sun - A circle with straight lines radiating out from it. At least one half of the image, probably like the sketch of the sun setting between mountains. What will that little girl think of me if she saw me now? (I am sure she is going to disapprove of my shorts. I started wearing them only a couple of years back. She is also probably going to wonder why I have dogs and why I have not conquered the world yet or become a famous author. Sigh, Have to figure out a lot of things in life)

I see a lot of people fishing in this lake and my favorite bird, Mr.Garudan also does it. (I saw the bird swoop in, pick up a fish in its leg and fly off). I hope these boats leave enough for birds. 


Sun Ray said...

Garudan is vulture, right? Why is it your favourite bird?? Garuda baghavan?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Its the Brahminy Kite. I just love it as i see it everyday. I saw this other bird in Singapore which is a close 2nd now - Common crowned pigeon.

Sun Ray said...

Oh. I thought you were kidding with the word "Brahminy kite" & looks like it refers to Garuda. Hope it doesn't have anything to do with Brahmins!!

But, there are temple functions that start only after a Garuda is seen by the priests.. wonder how the custom came into practice..

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I dunno why it came to be. Curious. Let me know if you find it