Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is Optimism a luxury?

I just read a summary of Candide, a work by Voltaire, where he criticizes Leibniz and Optimism.

Before I go ahead, I should add a fair warning - I think of myself as a hard core optimist. I cannot be held down and I also take the "Whatever happens, happens for a reason" (Was that Aristotle who was first documented to have said this? I dont remember) to a different level.

I now wonder, is that a line meant for those who are actually blessed? Like it is not a positive positive sentence, but more something that you say when you are too selfish to acknowledge the blessings you already have? (iphone6 broke, everything happens for a reason, there is 7+ waiting for you, lost a job, there is an offer which is even better..)

I mean think about it, you can hardly say that when something really unspeakable (like murder of a loved one, rape, poverty that you cannot even buy the next meal, natural disaster etc) happens to you. You can only say these things when you can speak about an adversity and after you overcome it. When you are going through something, can you really say this?

After reading the extract of the book, this is what is running through my head. In a way, it makes me more thankful for everything I have and have been able to afford without thinking twice.  It also makes me wonder, how can there be hope for those that truly have none? 

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