Saturday, August 12, 2017

Louvre - A view from the outside

I  dont know how many posts I am going to post on the Louvre. The place I will definitely revisit and make another trip to Paris for.

The glass pyramid, the one I got to know about when reading Da Vinci Code.

A few statues, right outside the Louvre, but often ignored I am sure. Or perhaps not, as the queue to get in is quite long and there might be others outside as interested as me.

One in the front, calling out my obsession with gold. Probably from the sun king.

Louis XVI - Was he the villain that he was portrayed to be? There are some who say he was not - like this article. But then what was the point anyway? If you are ok inheriting prosperity, then maybe it is only fair that you inherit adversity too. Perhaps if you are the one inheriting the latter, you might not see the fairness in the argument.

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