Friday, August 04, 2017


The slow music, lulls me not into sleep
It wakes me up instead,
I watch them with envy,
Those able to nod off,
To this song, Our song,
The one I choreographed,
A million times in my head.

That ethereal evening,
With an almost setting sun,
And you by my side
Windows down, singing off key,
Always off key,
Still divine to my usually critical ears.

I remember the dark green
I remember the white stripes
The crazy shoes
I forget not..

I remember the smile
And the ridiculous laughter
Easily mistaken for a Hyena's mating call.

The eternal picture,
Caught in my brain

The sun did set
Not just that day,
Every day after that..
But you remain framed
Like that annoying, forgotten 
yet unforgettable tune.

Perhaps, you're the cause
The one that got away,
The one I'm glad disappeared
And the one I miss on random Thursday nights
In empty airport lounges..

Perhaps, You're the inspiration,
for the Pearl I might spit out,

The oyster dies, I hear your voice whisper.

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