Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Revisiting Childhood

I am rereading all of Tintin (I couldn't make time to finish my Pratchett marathon - Ok, I am not lying, I am too distracted to read Pratchett).

I love the series for despite the predictability, there is a sense of adventure that seeps through. As a dog person, I am so jealous of Tintin getting to do everything with Snowy (Even deep sea diving) and I can relate to the loyalty that Tintin is lucky enough to experience. I imagine Zoya to be another Snowy (especially when she gets to see food, she is another dog altogether)

Herge pokes fun of so many societal flaws and effortlessly makes it part of the plot.

I have started collecting tiny figurines of comic characters and though I have quite a few of characters from Tintin (Tintin keychain, Snowy with his head stuck inside a crab can, Captain Haddock, Tintin with Snowy), I am missing a few that I hope to add to my collection soon.

Above, my really crowded office desk (Someone broke that beautiful plant and I have killed a couple during my Paris trip.. :()

You cannot see the Tintin keychain, it is hanging in the side and the photos are held in place by a couple of Tintin badges too (Both badges coincidentally from Red Rackhams treasure - Snowy resting after swallowing a chicken and Tintin looking at Captain Haddock inside a deep sea suit)

As I read these books, I see a few of these images in the book and they become far more valuable to me. Tintin is a hero only because he has such an awesome supporting cast. Maybe, I am a little too old for Tintin, but I love this morning ritual.

I might not remember the details like some of my friends do, but I enjoy these books a lot. I got the collection 7 years ago and I am still thankful to flipkart for their huge discount. 

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