Saturday, August 12, 2017

The picture of you

I walk through empty lanes 
Ones that come alive 
With images of you and me, 
Together, pretty much in love, 
Hopelessly lost. 

I know now, that I was lost 
A part of me probably still is..
But most of me,
Is whole and aware of the illusion that was..

Enjoying the view, 
I walk by,
The image of you clear. 

How I wish you were as real as your image was! 
I know why I'm no Pygmalion..
My vision of a human, 
Is nothing but that of a skeleton with a layer of flesh..
Real but unreal. 

I sit down and try to define all that should be, 
Never really knowing that all that could be, 
Is always beyond the realm of imagination..
Harini Padmanabhan

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