Sunday, September 10, 2017

An ode to a sunglass

I remember you as I open the balcony door,
Unprotected, unprepared for that blast of sun.
I instinctively close my eyes and inevitably you pop in.
Nostalgia, always a sweet dish.

That security checkin and the long queue,
as I bid you farewell..
Ah, the after effects of new love,
Those savored, stored moments, that never disappear,
For they are as rare as getting to sip fresh dew
off a green, unpolluted blade of grass.

I remember your smile, slightly sad, I like to imagine
and then your long fingers, as you crown me,
with a pair of sunglasses, your favorite..

I am sure you missed them more than you missed me,
A few months after..
Or perhaps even an hour later.
I imagine you driving, pulling down the sun shade
and maybe, fondly remembering what you lost.

That sun glass, I gave away,
Hid away rather, for the world through your eyes,
Was not really my style.
I remember them though,
and I guess I always will,
Romanticized more often than they will deserve,
If not them, what else?

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